Working methods

A unique way of recruiting

We gave much thought to our method of working and have now implemented it successfully at many companies.
For a good match we have two recruitment methods and three selection criteria.

Business Partners

We solely work with a diverse number of Business Partners who have an extensive network within the industry and target audience of our clients. They share this network with Qnis based on the mission Qnis has to match the right candidates to the right jobs.


Furthermore, Qnis has a specialized recruitment team that does nothing but searching proactively for the right candidates for the specific vacancy. These Senior Recruiters mainly use our advanced online recruitment channels and methodologies for this.


Research shows that 87% profit can be made by matching the right candidate to the right team and organizational culture. Therefore, we don’t focus on just one element, but on the combination.

Organization 0

Team 0

Individual 0


A match with the organization

A survey [source: refQ] of 86 HR managers of medium and large companies showed that 55% of the time, the person in question does not fit well within the organizational culture. First of all, Qnis gets to know the organization very well and then determines whether it matches with the wishes of the candidate.


A match with the team

Furthermore, research shows that the most common reason (87%) for a mismatch is a difference in behavior and style between the new employee and the organization or team.


A match with the individual

This is the most common way of recruitment, namely recruiting candidates based on hard skills (experience, resume, etc.) and more importantly on soft skills (motivation, capacity, behavior and attitude).