About us

Meet the team

The team consists of recruitment specialists and multiple Business Partners.
Our recruitment specialists have an extensive network in the hospitality sector.

Our Business Partners

We solely and exclusively work with a diverse number of Business Partners who, during their careers, have built an extensive network within the industry and the target audience our clients are located in. These are professionals who have built a qualitative and extensive network for years. They share this network with Qnis based on the mission Qnis has, to match the right candidates to the right jobs. This allows us to create a ‘natural’ preselection within our recruitment process.

Meet the business partners

What does Qnis stand for?

Qnis is derived from the Latin word “Cunis” which means cradle. Our conviction is that every human being is born with a particular talent. It is our mission to match the right candidate to the right job.

Why did we establish Qnis?

We read it everywhere, the Dutch labour market is tightening and the search for the right candidates is becoming increasingly difficult. Oftentimes, it is possible to find candidates for the job. However, they are often not being reached or selected in the right way, causing a mismatch between parties. Moreover, the labour market has changed tremendously over the past years, whereas research shows that employers have changed the least. Therefore Qnis wants to bridge the gap between employer and employee.