Business Partners

Business Partners


Ron Vermeulen

Ron Vermeulen is a familiar sight within the hospitality industry. We love his gastronomic website right from the start. Nicely written and always positive and respectful towards the entrepreneurs, just the way we like it. On behalf of PureConsultancy he assisted many entrepreneurs. Ron is an ambassador, currently for Earth Water, iFavine, Lakrids, Torques & Clochers and now luckily he is also a Business Partner at Qnis!


Sergej Fokke

Sergej Fokke is an entrepreneur who has brought the speak easy concept to Amsterdam with the very highly regarded and popular Door 74. Furthermore, Sergej is co-owner of Mystique and Regular & Jack. In the cocktail scene, Sergej is a highly esteemed person and with Door 74, Sergej has established a cocktail bar of global proportions. Sergej is a marine, yes indeed; is. You remain a marine forever. You can see that in his way of doing business. In all of his companies, he appointed an employee as business partner, because he’s supportive of that certain person and wants to undertake with the people he loves. For this reason, we are proud of the Business Partnership with Sergej!


Henk Jan Kakebeen

Henk Jan Kakebeen is the initiator and owner of the famous and largest multi-day high end culinary festival called Taste of Amsterdam. Furthermore, he has also been the organizer of the Top Gear Live Shows in Amsterdam and Norway. Nowadays, Henk Jan advises, alongside his work for Taste of Amsterdam, international parties which have submitted a case at the Hogere Hotelschool in The Hague. Henk Jan has a very large network in the hospitality industry and Qnis is very pleased to have him as a Business Partner.


Severine Meijer

Severine Meijer is owner of a catering company. She loves the hospitality industry. Last 10 years she owned a restaurant and worked there as Head Chef. Nowadays she is busy with her catering company and she is teaching on several Hotelschools. Qnis is proud to have her onboard!